This is a same-screen, multiplayer game where you jump on buttons (and your friends) in a search for One Button.  Each button you stomp along the way will give a clue.

Up to 4 players.

You should be able to use any XInput (Xbox360/XBone) or PS4 controller.  If you're really close with the other players already, you can get even closer by making everyone play on one keyboard.

Keyboard controls:

Press Jump to start the game.

Up/Left/Down/Right - Jump
p1 - WASD - Z
p2 - TFGH - V
p3 - IJKL - M
p4 - Arrow keys - /

For all players:
Y - Play again

This was our first stab at using Unity for ICT Game Jam

Jason Voegeli - most of the work!

Jim Rice - controls, sounds.


Download 18 MB
Download 14 MB
Download 17 MB


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I love that it felt like some of my favorite Mario Party mini-games. I'm inspired!